Miles Davis solo on Freddie Freeloader from Kind of Blue


Download Solo Transcription: Bb  |  C

Listen on Youtube: Link

I transcribed this solo a long time ago but never had the opportunity to upload and share it, so here we go. This track is very representative of Miles’ laid-back cool playing that many trumpet players since have tried to emulate. Staying behind the time of the rhythm section and really stretching out the beats help to build suspension, along with phrasing that doesn’t always line up directly with measures and chord changes.

Miles sticks to the Mixolydian and Blues scales for most of the solo, occasionally passing through approach tones to resolve phrasing. I love his use of space throughout the solo to really allow the listener to digest every lick he plays. In analyzing the rhythmic structure it appears he starts many phrases on beat 3 or the and of 3 leading into the next measure. This theme continues through most of the solo and helps us to organize his phrases and anticipate when the next one will happen. He uses repetition and finally releases it toward the very end of the solo when the high Eb (concert Db) comes out of nowhere and escalades down to finish the end of this masterful playing.

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