Derrick Hodge’s “Over There” from the Terence Blanchard album “Flow”


Flow is one of the greatest collections of jazz composition I have ever heard, and Terence Blanchard’s band demonstrates musicianship and an incredibly high level on the album “Flow”. The composition “Over There” by Derrick Hodge is a hauntingly beautiful ballad, and shows that a simple chord progression and melodic idea can be repeated endlessly if performed in the right context. This tune is one of my favorites from the album, and after transcribing the lead sheet I admire the simplicity of the chord structure that allows the musicians to expand upon it and grow as the tune builds.

For this transcription I transcribed the melody along with the chords, and chose to left out the second sax harmony part. I will be playing this group with my quartet without a second horn, so if someone wants to add in that extra harmony it would be easy enough to learn off the recording. Something else that I have learned through this process is that key also heavily dictates how a tunes sounds, and moving away from the flat keys normally associated with jazz and into the sharp keys refreshes the harmonic landscape and makes the music sound fresh. I could play this tune all day. Thank you, Derrick Hodge.

Download Leadsheet Bb |  C

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