Chet Baker’s solo on There Will Never Be Another You from the Carnegie Hall Concert


Last week I took a trip to Florida (Disney World) with my High School Band program and brought with 22 hours of Chet Baker to listen to. Not only is Chet one of my favorite trumpet players, but as of late I have been trying to absorb as much as I can from his recordings and with a 24 hour busride needed something to occupy my time. About 4am last Wednesday we were passing through Chattanoga, Tenessee when this album came up on the playlist, and I loved the tone and solos from this album that Chet plays. The reunion with Gerry Mulligan is an interesting one – different than the original pianoless quartet, but still having elements of the relationship that existed between Baker and Mulligan many years back. I choose to transcribe this solo since it is one of those tunes that I have played a thousand times, yet am still finding new ways to play through the changes on. This solo from Chet is high in intensity but still has that cool and relaxed feeling that he is known for.

Solo Transcription  Bb |  C

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